ASAE endorsed a bill introduced yesterday by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) to create a federal backstop that will help cover losses resulting from a future pandemic or public health emergency. The Pandemic Risk Insurance Act of 2021 directs insurers to provide pandemic coverage for event cancellation losses – which is vital to the association community… Read more »

The White House confirmed this week that, starting Nov. 8, international visitors from 33 countries that had been barred from entering the U.S. because of the pandemic will be able to enter if they are fully vaccinated and show proof of negative COVID-19 test results. Airlines will be responsible for verification of travelers’ vaccination status…. Read more »

Congressional tax writers are still working to determine which tax proposals will be used to offset the cost of President Biden’s economic agenda. The White House released a fact sheet earlier today that would leave most of President Trump’s 2017 tax cuts in place, including the corporate tax rate, the top individual income tax rate… Read more »

Eager for tangible progress on his economic agenda, President Biden outlined a $1.75 trillion social spending framework today that he said represents the best chance for transformational investments in health care, education, climate and tax policy. For weeks, the White House has attempted to thread the needle on a reconciliation package that both moderate and… Read more »